Our team

Founded in 2012, the BDP Education group was born from the desire of a group of Dentists to share their passion for the biomimetic philosophy of work. 

Biomimetic Dentistry gained international prominence in the early years of the 20th century. XXI with the publication of the book that is still today the reference in conservative aesthetic oral rehabilitation: Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition - a Biomimetic Approach, whose author, Pascal Magne, was the mentor of the then newly created Portuguese group. 

In Portugal, this innovative treatment philosophy, conservative and biologically oriented, took its first steps with this group, who decided not only to implement it in their daily clinical practice, but also to teach it to other professionals. Thus, in 2013 the group decided to create a reference training course in Portugal, in a university post-graduate format, in which the clinical aspect - performing treatments on patients (porcelain veneers, overlays, vertiprep crowns, among others) - would be the great plus the course was worth it, along with its theoretical and pre-clinical component. 

The group quickly grew and is now made up of 18 dentists an technicians, whose main activity is the treatment of patients in their clinics and labs, but who also embrace educational and training activity with enormous passion.

Meet our team