Mafalda Gonçalves


Dental Aesthetics, Operative Dentistry, Occlusion, Pediatric Dentistry

Mafalda Gonçalves was born on December 13, 1993, in Aveiro.

She completed her Master's Degree in Dentistry at the Fernando Pessoa University (Porto) in 2016. She was invited by this institution to join research teams and public oral health projects.

Currently, her clinical practice is focused on the fields of Dental Aesthetics, Operative Dentistry, Occlusion and Pediatric Dentistry. She consistently invests in national and international training within these areas.

Self-improvement, critical thinking, and determination are some of the core values that guide her professional activities. Working with reference teams is a fundamental requirement of her professional journey.

In 2020, she became a member of the training team for the Advanced Biomimetic Oral Rehabilitation Post-Graduate Program.