Filipe Leitão Moreira


Oral Implantology, Fixed Pronthodontics, Operative Dentistry

Doctor Filipe Leitão Moreira was born in January 1995 in the city of Lisbon. 

At the age of ten, he enrolled in the Colégio Militar, a boarding military school, where he established the matrix of his intellectual, personal and social development. Since then, he has sought to combine a consistent academic path with a deep desire to contribute to the improvement of the institutions he had the opportunity to represent. 

Determined, resilient, responsible and proactive, anyone who knows him would highlight his sense of responsibility in the way he works. 

During the hospital clinical residency held between 2015 and 2020, he awakens his interest in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation and Oral Surgery, areas to which he dedicates, with ingenuity and art, most of the effort and intelligence of his clinical practice. 

In 2019, he joined the Biomimetic Dentistry Portugal group, a major reference in postgraduate training in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation.