Luís Leão


Aesthetic Dentistry, Oral Rehabilitation, Oral Implantology, Fixed Prosthodontics

Graduated in Dentistry from Instituto Superior de Ciências de Saúde do Norte, with post-graduate degrees in Bio-Aesthetic Dentistry and Advanced Biomimetic Rehabilitation and Masters in Oral Surgery and Implantology, Dr. Luís Leão is a nationally renowned professional with an exclusive practice in implantology and oral rehabilitation, who since the beginning of his career has always sought to evolve and learn more, using courses, masterclasses and seminars that would make his practice evolve. 

A career of dedication made Dr. Luís Leão managed to combine two of his areas of choice: Oral Surgery Treatments, Implantology and Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation, which he performs at the Clinic he founded with Dr. João Cerejeira; and Professional training, collaborating as a trainer in implantology and oral rehabilitation courses, in postgraduate programs and participating in national conferences in the field of oral rehabilitation. 

Its main objective is to help its patients to obtain the desired smile, while helping its colleagues to reach the level in Dentistry that they desire.