9, 10 AND 11th OF MAY 2024

The Full Dentistry course aims to provide advanced specific training to Dentists who wish to raise their clinical practice in the important discipline of Operative Dentistry to a level of excellence. 

The course will provide participants with knowledge and technical capacity in the various dimensions of contemporary Operative Dentistry in anterior and posterior teeth, such as planning, dental morphology, composite resins, adhesive systems, isolation techniques, cavity preparations, several restorative techniques, the approach to highly damaged teeth with and without endodontic treatment, among many others. 

The course has a strong practical component, enabling participants to carry out different operative dentistry procedures on anterior and posterior teeth using artificial models.


Vasco Nunes da Silva

Hugo Costa Lapa



Alinea Marina de Cascais

Cascais Marina



35 minutes from Lisbon airport (Uber)

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Hotel Vila Galé Cascais

Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, 80, Parque da Gandarinha
2750-641 Cascais2750-641 Cascais

+351 214 826 000

Farol Hotel

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Hotel Baía

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