Welcome to our educational website! 

BDP Education is an educational group in the area of ​​dentistry created by dentists and dental technicians whose activity is mainly clinical. 

We have a daily commitment to excellence and are passionate about sharing knowledge, helping colleagues work in the same way, using evidence-based tools and protocols, achieving predictable, patient-centric outcomes. 

The understanding of the biology and mechanical behavior of the teeth is the basis of our philosophy, allowing us to use minimally invasive restorative techniques based on nature, achieving excellent and lasting clinical results, from a functional and aesthetic point of view. 

Our training activity focuses on all dimensions of biomimetic oral rehabilitation and we invite everyone to participate in this experience that will completely change your way of working.

Full Dentistry Portugal

The Full Dentistry Portugal will have its first edition on the 9, 10 and 11th of May 2024. 

Taught by Vasco Nunes da Silva and Hugo Costa Lapa, it will be a course with a strong hands-on component in which participants will have the opportunity to perform direct restorations in composite resin on anterior and posterior teeth, with different degrees of complexity, simulating different real scenarios in artificial models.

The Postgraduate Program on Biomimetics

The Post-Graduate Program in Advanced Biomimetic Oral Rehabilitation has already 11 successful editions! 

Being a partnership between BDP Education and the CESPU University Institution, it´s a course that awards a University Diploma in Advanced Biomimetic Oral Rehabilitation, with 25 credit units (ECTS). 

In January 2024, we will start the 12th edition, with only 26 places available, where the strong clinical component (patient treatments) differentiates it from all other training courses.

Vertiprep Lisbon

The Vertiprep Lisbon course will have its 4rd edition on the 27th and 28th of October of 2023. 

In these two days all the information on the concept of vertical preparations is transmitted, both from a clinical perspective and from a laboratory perspective. 

Miguel Fraga Silva, Raul Costa, Hugo Costa Lapa, Luís Afonso, Luís Oliveira, Jorge André Cardoso and Pasquale Venuti will be responsible for teaching and will provide all the tools so that after the course you can immediately put into practice the concepts of the Vertiprep philosophy.